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Intensive Training Group

Welcome to Northants Wasps - Personal Safety Training for Women

For all age groups, fitness levels and abilities
Build your confidence, awareness, fitness and well-being in a relaxed, supportive, group, with an instructor with over 40 years experience. Learn about personal protection, incident survival and how to keep yourself safe in today’s environment.
Training is always at a level appropriate to the individual/group to enable gradual but efficient and effective progression in all areas. There are no quick fixes but we will give it our best shot if you will.
Group classes, seminars, talks and annual residential courses at an amazing setting in Cornwall are available
Don’t be afraid to contact us, we are very friendly and will help, encourage and support you on your journey, a journey that as with all journeys must start with your first step.
Please get in touch – the most difficult part is coming through the door for the first time.
Clive - 07810 777616
Catherine - 07367 786788

Fridays 7.00 to 8.30pm - sometimes we have to change/amend time of session.  Please text/message if you are thinking of coming along.

At The Shed, 20 Wellingborough Road, Earls Barton, Northampton.  NN6 0JP

£5 per session

Over 16s only

PLEASE NOTE: Octobe/November 2019, this page is currently being updated.  If you need further info, please ring/text/email Clive