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Intensive Training Group

On this page you will find all the training we offer from group class times and venues to Instructorships.



29th February


  • Weekly Group Classes at
  • The Shed, 20 Wellingborough Road, Earls Barton,
  • Northampton. NN6 0JR.

  • JKD -  Mondays 7.00-9.00pm
  • Kali -  Wednesdays 7.00-9.00pm
  • £7.50 per session.  Monthly DD rates available
  • Minimum age 14 years 

  • Women's Academy for Self Protection  
  • Fridays - 7.00-8.30pm
  • £5.00 per session
  • Over 16s only


  • Private Tuition £40.00 per hour for one or two persons 
  • £60.00 per hour for four persons.   

  • Residential Training Camps held in Cornwall
  • ITG JKD/Kali Combat Training Camp 
  • 7 days in October =£350
  • Next dates are 25th Sept - 2nd Oct 2020
  • Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT)
  • Phase 1 Instructors course (4 days) = £250
  • Rapid Assault Tactics (RAT) Certified Instructors Course
  • (ITG RAT CCI) = £350
  • Accomodation included but no meals.
  • Limited places, apply early (£150 deposit required).
  • Next dates are 24th April - 30th April and 1st May-7th May 2020.

  • ITG JKD/FMA Instructor workshops
  • (contact us for details) at The Shed.

  • Quarterly weekend seminars
  • The Silver Band Club, 4 Queen Street, Earls Barton.
  • Northampton. NN6 0LN.
  • Next dates are 6th-7th June 2020.
  • 10:00-16:00 both days.
  • £50.00 for weekend or £30.00 for one day.
  • Dedicated PFS JKD Street-fighting Series at The Shed.
  • Teaching Paul Vunak's PFS JKD Street-fighting Series.
  • Private tuition, 1 to 1 and small groups.
  • £40 per 1hr session.

  • ITG Stickfighting  at The Shed.
  • Paligsahan Arnis (Competition Stickfighting).
  • Contact Gary Alderman.
  • Private tuition available. 
  • National and International Champion Gold Medalist.
  • Tuesdays 7:30-9:00pm.
  • £6.00 per session, £3.00 under 14's.
  • Ages 6 upwards.


  •  ITG JKD/Kali Sri Lanka.
  • Training in Sri Lanka with Rasika Bandara in JKD and Kali.
  • Contact Rasika on 0094728700445 


ITG courses can cover JKD Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts along with elements from other arts including Systema, STAND-UP, GROUND, WEAPONS, MASS ATTACK, AWARENESS and PERSONAL SECURITY TRAINING.


Private/Semi-private/Group lessons and Intensive Personal Training Programs (IPTP's) are available, days or evenings by arrangement.



Developed by conceptual pioneer Paul Vunak, this type of training is suitable for families and professional individuals or groups that need to feel safe in their particular environments but are unwilling or unable to embark on a lengthy martial arts program.

EPFS training will cover those areas that apply to the appropriate situations of a particular lifestyle and can therefore be adapted to suit each case and training time restriction.

Not the easy way out but certainly a more time efficient way to feeling safer.


Personal Protection Courses (Adult)

Both male and female adults courses are designed to build awareness and confidence whilst learning realistic self defence.


Children's Personal Protection courses

Our Children's Courses are designed to teach life skills, respect, confidence, help keep them fit and empower them to beat the bully through realistic self defence. 




All ITG Associate and Full Instructors are available for seminars on all subjects by arrangement.


ITG offers Apprenticeships in Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts.

There are 5 levels to each area at the Concepts Martial Arts Group classes - Trainee 1 to 5. Suitable Students reaching level 5 will be offered the next available place in the Intensive Training Group to continue their training to Instructor level.

Training for Instructors can be through IPTP's (private tuition) and at an ITG group class with weekly Instructor workshops.

An Instructorship is for those who want to teach and once achieved can ONLY be maintained by actively TEACHING.



Although the RAT is taught as an integral part of an ITG Instructor's training it is also offered as a separate course for self defence to those wishing to learn this highly efficient method devised and taught to US Navy SEAL teams by Sifu Paul Vunak or as a certified Instructorship. The Phase1 RAT Instructor Certification is usually achieved with 2 days training from one of ITG's Elite CCI's.



Again part of an ITG Instructors training this course is offered to Police and Security Personnel and covers a force continuum from passive resistance through to lethal force.

This Instructor certification takes place over a 4 day period.

Other courses tailored to the requirements of specialist security companies can be arranged.


Training for Security Agencies, Companies and Professional Individuals is usually dependent upon their particular field.

Past experiences have been in the training of conflict management, control and restraint, executive and travel security and personal protection for Police Officers, Security Personnel, Door Staff, Store and Static Guards, Escort and Executive Protection companies.

Please contact us with your requirements.   

Training for Full-contact stickfighting competitions or just the fitness side. Contact Gary Alderman for training.

Rapid Assault Tactics, RAT Training

Rapid Assault Tactics were born out of necessity. Sifu Paul Vunak was asked by the US Navy if he could teach the Elite Navy S.E.A.L. Team Six a method of unarmed combat that they could use when wearing their assault gear. Faced with this dilemma he set to and came up with a "system" that incorporated elements of JKD, Kali, Wing Chun, Savate and Muay Thai all of which came from either Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto or his own 20 plus years experience of training under the worlds elite martial arts instructors and more than a few street "altercations". In Paul's own words........... "I was sitting at home when I heard a knock on the door and three guys walked in decked out with a military vibe, I didn't know what was goin on, I thought what did I do now??" They said " we represent SEAL Team Six we'd like to talk to you" from there I said "fellas I dont know if the military is right for me, I like to fight, I drink a lot and I'm not gonna pass any piss tests!" They kinda laughed and said "we know exactly what you do and if we wanted Pat Boone we would have hired Chuck Norris!" "So from then on out they moved me to Virginia and I had a contract with them for four years" 

Rapid Assault Tactics is known as one of the most efficient and direct systems for defence around and is taught to many organisations throughout USA including FBI, CIA, DEA, the Department of Defense and many law enforcement agencies and SWAT Teams.

Martial Arts students or concerned members of the public;
Please contact one of our RAT Instructors in your area for training.
Martial arts school owners;
For Certification to teach the RAT please contact one of our Elite RAT 'CCI's (Certification Course Instructor) for details. 
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