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Welcome to ITG

Learn Bruce Lee's Original Jeet Kune Do Concepts at Northampton's first JKD School!!

JKD/Kali Group Classes are on Mon & Weds 7- 9pm Sat 4-6pm!!

Instructor Training Workshops twice a week!! Apply now!!

Quarterly Weekend Seminars 10am -4pm Sat & Sun next one is 2nd/3rd March 2019!!

 Group Stick class Tuesday 7.30 - 9.00pm!!

Private Tuition 1-2-1 & small groups as required!!

All at The Shed, Earls Barton, Northampton!!

Seminars and Residential Courses 2018/19!!

ITG JKD/Kali Combat Training Camp 22nd Sept - 27th September 2019!!

Owing to capacity attendance 2019 will have 2 weeks of the

Rapid Assault Tactics CCI course......

26th April - 3rd May and 3rd - 12th May 2019!!

(please note all deposits must be in by 31st December 2018)

Rapid Assault Tactics Phase One Instructor two day courses by arrangement!!

Book a place now on any of the above!!

Call/text 07810 777616 or Email for details now!!


The Intensive Training Group is non political as quality is our main concern. 

Quality Instructors giving quality training.

At ITG you will get the best in Personal Protection training for real-world self defence and much, much, more....

You will get trained in Jeet Kune Do Concepts & Filipino Martial Arts

 You will get trained in the RAPID ASSAULT TACTICS (RAT) which is Paul Vunak's "Military Technology".

You will be able to apply to become an ITG Instructor in JKD/FMA and the RAT.

You will attend seminars and residential courses. 


You could become an ITG Instructor.

You could become one of ITG's Elite RAT CCI's

You could have access to special workshops not available to the public.

You could open your own club.

You could get the training matrix that will support all the teaching you will do.

You could have genuine JKD lineage.....  

Si-Gung Bruce lee


Guro Dan Inosanto


Sifu Paul Vunak


Sifu Clive Whitworth




You could take part in Full-contact Competition Stick-fighting (WEKAF) and travel worldwide representing your own country.

ITG offers - Regular Group Classes, Monthly Weekend Workshops, Private Lessons, Seminars & Residential Courses.

We don't expect you to take our word for all this so we ask you to contact us and arrange a free introductory session at one of our group classes with a fully certified and insured Instructor before you join ITG.

Training is for all ages sexes and abilities.

ITG's President and Chief Instructor Clive Whitworth is a Certified Jeet Kune Do Full Instructor under Sifu Paul Vunak.

Please go to our  TRAINING PAGE  for more info!!