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Intensive Training Group
Welcome to ITG

Sifu Clive J Whitworth

Welcome to the Intensive Training Group.

Northamptonshire's first JKD School.


Bruce Lee's Original Jeet Kune Do Concepts 

Paul Vunak's PFS JKD

Kali/Filipino Martial Arts Concepts

Paul Vunak's Rapid Assualt Tactics (RAT)

Competition Stick Fighting training

Women's Personal Protection training

JKD Instructor training

Regular classes, private sessions (individual or small groups), seminars and residential courses.

You will be welcome regardless of age, experience, fitness level or gender.

Please get in touch with Clive 07810777616 or Gary 07841463345 to discuss your training needs or to arrange a free introductory group class.

Clive with Paul Vunak (1990)Clive with Paul Vunak (2000)Clive with Paul Vunak (2006)